Data room providers roll out advanced encryption solutions

This article highlights the main aspects of the Data Room used for document management, identifies the main advantages and security measures.

Information resources as a component of corporate security system

In the conditions of globalization and informatization of society, information becomes a necessary condition and an element of any production activity. Only recently, among the resources of the enterprise, which are divided into material and labor, began to allocate information resources and analyze in detail their composition, structure, level of use, and others. Under the information resources of the enterprise understand a set of intangible assets, documents that are important for the functioning of the organization.

Information resources of the enterprise serve as tools to stimulate production and commercial activities, management decisions, and training. Thus, the topical issue today is to protect the company’s information resources from intrusion, because the security of the company’s information system is one of the main factors that ensure efficient document management, which, in turn, is a means of increasing productivity and efficiency and, consequently, ensuring the development of the entire enterprise.

Data Room – a good alternative for corporate data protection

In practice, there are three basic principles of information security:

  • availability of information (the ability to obtain the necessary information in a reasonable time); 
  • integrity (relevance and consistency of information, its protection from destruction and unauthorized change); 
  • privacy (protection against unauthorized reading).

Most information security experts believe that information security is maintained at the appropriate level, if in practice for all information resources of the system the appropriate level of all three basic principles of information security is maintained. Today it is possible with the help of cloud-based Data Room software.

Virtual Data Room is a set of activities that include models of information flow management at an enterprise, secure environment for storing and processing it, software, IT department and technical support specialists, as well as direct users.The main tool in business operations that allows you to make a decision is reporting documentation. It is the basis of the Data Room system, which in turn should provide the ability to analyze report data from various positions.

According to reviews of data room providers, the main purpose of the software is to provide fast documentation, as well as subsequent operations with them (search, access, forwarding, editing).

Security algorithms in the Data Room 

Data encryption – the transformation of information using a cipher into an unreadable set of characters. It can be restored only by using the key and the corresponding algorithm. This method is widely used to protect files on local drives, network or cloud drives, network communications, or to protect Internet traffic and mail.

The technology is used to store important, confidential information on reliable media, sources, as well as to transfer it through unprotected communication channels.

Data Room encryption, depending on the structure of the keys used for encryption, are divided into:

  • Symmetric encryption: a third party may know the encryption algorithm, but a small part of the secret information is unknown – the key that is the same for the sender and recipient of the message.
  • Asymmetric encryption: A third party may know the encryption algorithm, and possibly the public key, but the private key, known only to the recipient of the message, is unknown.

Encryption can be called a method of processing data into a format in which, in theory, they cannot be read only by the recipient of the message to whom they were intended.

How to choose an external sound card?

In this article, we will share the best external sound cards that are suitable for organizing a home studio as well as for deploying a surround sound system. All owners of musical instruments, as well as fans of laptops, sooner or later have a desire to expand the capabilities of their devices. In the case of laptops, everything is clear – the standard sound subsystem is not enough to implement high-quality and surround sound.

Internal and External Sound Cards

Sound cards are divided into internal and external. External cards are standalone devices that connect to a computer via USB or FireWire. Internal cards will connect to the motherboard expansion slots inside the computer. Internal cards with comparable quality are usually cheaper due to the lack of an external cause. The disadvantage of internal cards is usually a high risk of being exposed to low-quality computer power and numerous interferences. External sound card is often easier to control due to separate external controls and on-hand I/O. In addition, the external card can work with both stationary computers and laptops.

Among themselves, sound cards are divided into home and professional. Professional cards use connector types typical of music equipment such as 6.3mm Jack and balanced XLR, while consumer cards use RCA or 3.5mm jacks. Most users get by with conventional integrated solutions. And they lose a lot on this. Of course, there are now decent built-in codecs, and their quality only grows over time, but discrete solutions do not stand still either.

Another indisputable advantage of an external card is the fact that audio data processing occurs at the hardware level of the device itself. Thus, if you listen to music in lossless or even DVD Audio, you can seriously unload the central processor, because, in the case of using an integrated solution, it is he who does all this work.

How to Make a Correct Decision in Choosing Your External Sound Card?

To determine the right choice, you need to conduct a detailed analysis of a number of parameters. Among them there are critical ones, and there are also minor ones. Let’s start with the most basic ones in our opinion:

  1. Form Factor.

Yes, they are not only built-in, but also external, although the latter is quite rare, and they cost a lot. True, in some cases they are simply irreplaceable. For example, in the case of a laptop. So, imagine a situation: your laptop has a prehistoric age card, although in terms of other parameters it seems to suit you. In this case, a model that connects via USB will do just fine. If you just need a sound card for a stationary computer, then the ideal option, both in terms of price, quality, and capabilities, is the built-in sound card.

  1. Power Supply.

For external sound cards – an external power supply or USB bus power is used. When using an external power supply, the sound card can work better, because it does not depend on a noisy computer power supply. In contrast, USB-powered cards are more mobile. do not require an additional outlet and can be operated while connected to a laptop on the go.

  1. Acoustics.

It makes sense to take an external (non-integrated) sound card only when you are the happy owner of a speaker system, otherwise, you simply won’t hear the difference between the sound of an integrated codec and an expensive sound card due to the limited capabilities of the acoustics.

How to clean your keyboard?

Is it difficult to press the laptop keys? It’s a clogged laptop keyboard. If the contamination is not critical, it is not necessary to contact the masters in the service center: the keyboard is easy to clean yourself. In this article, we looked at three effective ways to clean laptop keys, which are used both depending on the strength of the contamination and to prevent the buttons from sticking. Read the article to keep the keys working and use your laptop comfortably.

Why Is Keyboard an Essential Part of Your Computer?

Keyboards are durable, reliable, and built for premium gaming. If you are looking for a full-size keyboard, Alloy FPS is the one for you. If you are looking for a model without a number pad (TKL) with only primary keys, the Alloy FPS Pro1 is for you. Each keyboard has everything you need for serious FPS gaming: durable CHERRY MX key switches, one-piece steel frame, detachable cable, game mode, 100% Anti-Ghosting, and N-key Rollover. However, it is very important to know how to clean your keyboard. The keyboard is suitable for everyone who plays first-person shooters, both professionals and amateurs.

Lift the button and pull it out. Brush the contaminated areas with a brush. Take a cotton swab, spray it with isopropyl alcohol or a spray designed specifically for the care of computer equipment, and wipe hard-to-reach areas. Alternatively, a small piece of fleece is wound on a toothpick and sprayed: to remove the sinking key is not necessary.

The Best Ways of Cleaning Your Keyboard

Dust, debris, crumbs, spilled liquid and other types of contamination can lead to dire consequences for technology. They slow down the operation of the unit. At least one key can get stuck, which will slow down the process of entering text. The user will have to constantly check if there was a button response. This reduces the comfort of using the device. In addition, the key will have to be pressed harder. Strong pressure can damage the entire structure of the peripheral.

For lovers of computer games, a sticky key is a real headache. It reduces the effectiveness of the game. Just one button can lead to the fact that the player will not be able to use a certain function. As a result, the speed of completing tasks decreases, and the enjoyment of the game is lost. So how to clean mechanical keyboard?

  1. To prevent the keys from sticking, they must be cleaned at least once a month – for prevention: remove crumbs and dust. To clean the keyboard, which is equipped with a laptop, and both mechanical and island-type design, you should open the laptop, turn it over and shake it slightly. Some debris will fall out.
  2. To remove the remaining debris, use a small brush or a simple paintbrush. Then wipe the surface of the buttons with a damp notebook cloth. You can replace a special napkin designed for the care of office equipment with a spray for screens: sprinkle a soft cloth or sponge and wipe each key.
  3. Another quick method is to blow the keyboard with a spray can into which compressed air is pumped, or with a vacuum cleaner with a back blow. When performing such manipulations, the user must control the strength of the flow so that the buttons do not fly out.
How much mobile data does streaming media use

How much mobile data does streaming media use?

In 2021, the mesmerizing changes in the tech, media, and telecommunications industries will continue. Many important milestones will be passed this year. In some areas, the development will be exponential, in others, the way we live and work may change very unimportantly.

Where Are My Megabytes Going?

Smartphones don’t just let us make calls, they’ve become fully functional entertainment centers. Now we can listen to music, podcasts or watch videos anywhere, anytime. But there is one drawback of 720pstream – your tariff plan, which has two components: “minutes” for making phone calls and “megabytes” for everything else.

Typically, the data traffic portion of the plan is measured in megabytes or gigabytes and is used for sending emails, instant messages, social networking, and streaming media. The more photos you upload to the web, or the more streaming videos you watch on services like YouTube and Netflix, the faster your megabytes will be used up. If you have exhausted your monthly limit of megabytes, then you will have to wait for the next month for the mobile Internet to become available to you again or pay additionally for the “extra” megabytes.

At times, technological advances are discouraging: reports of possible negative effects of technological innovations appear one after another, instantly spreading in networks where data transfer rates are constantly increasing. Many people see computers as a threat to humanity: they are becoming faster and more powerful, they are able to adapt to users and even better play board games. Is this a danger that could lead to the disappearance of a number of professions and changes in the usual way of life, or are we on the verge of a significant expansion of human opportunities?

How Much Data Are 3G and 4G Using in 2021?

The number of smartphone users is likely to grow. Devices will be used more and more often and in various areas of life, becoming indispensable for household, educational, and entertainment purposes. This trend may raise the question of smartphone overuse. In fact, the reality is that the smartphone, like any other technology, is a tool whose use will be determined by society and people.

As shown in the figure, each user is assigned a unique code, thanks to which N channels can be generated at one time. 3G uses a frequency spectrum from 15 MHz to 20 MHz, and the bandwidth for 3G is from 1800 MHz to 2500 MHz. The maximum speed of about 2 Mbps is achieved in the basic 3G system. WCDMA uses a much higher career rate to accommodate more users than CDMA. The core network used in 3G systems is a combination of circuit-switched and packet-switched.

Video consumes a lot more traffic, so in reality, you can get even less from your tariff plan. Standard 480p video quality consumes 700MB of bandwidth per hour. HD-quality “picture”, like what you see on your home TV, comes in 2K resolution and consumes up to 3 GB per hour. Ultra-high-definition 4K video (like the latest TVs) consumes a whopping 7.2GB per hour. Visual inertial odometry systems track the physical position of a device user in real-time by combining camera inputs at 30 frames per second with inertial measurement units (IMUs) that combine an accelerometer and gyroscope8 that take readings a thousand times per second. The plane detection function allows you to identify flat surfaces and position the object anywhere you want.