Data room providers roll out advanced encryption solutions

This article highlights the main aspects of the Data Room used for document management, identifies the main advantages and security measures.

Information resources as a component of corporate security system

In the conditions of globalization and informatization of society, information becomes a necessary condition and an element of any production activity. Only recently, among the resources of the enterprise, which are divided into material and labor, began to allocate information resources and analyze in detail their composition, structure, level of use, and others. Under the information resources of the enterprise understand a set of intangible assets, documents that are important for the functioning of the organization.

Information resources of the enterprise serve as tools to stimulate production and commercial activities, management decisions, and training. Thus, the topical issue today is to protect the company’s information resources from intrusion, because the security of the company’s information system is one of the main factors that ensure efficient document management, which, in turn, is a means of increasing productivity and efficiency and, consequently, ensuring the development of the entire enterprise.

Data Room – a good alternative for corporate data protection

In practice, there are three basic principles of information security:

  • availability of information (the ability to obtain the necessary information in a reasonable time); 
  • integrity (relevance and consistency of information, its protection from destruction and unauthorized change); 
  • privacy (protection against unauthorized reading).

Most information security experts believe that information security is maintained at the appropriate level, if in practice for all information resources of the system the appropriate level of all three basic principles of information security is maintained. Today it is possible with the help of cloud-based Data Room software.

Virtual Data Room is a set of activities that include models of information flow management at an enterprise, secure environment for storing and processing it, software, IT department and technical support specialists, as well as direct users.The main tool in business operations that allows you to make a decision is reporting documentation. It is the basis of the Data Room system, which in turn should provide the ability to analyze report data from various positions.

According to reviews of data room providers, the main purpose of the software is to provide fast documentation, as well as subsequent operations with them (search, access, forwarding, editing).

Security algorithms in the Data Room 

Data encryption – the transformation of information using a cipher into an unreadable set of characters. It can be restored only by using the key and the corresponding algorithm. This method is widely used to protect files on local drives, network or cloud drives, network communications, or to protect Internet traffic and mail.

The technology is used to store important, confidential information on reliable media, sources, as well as to transfer it through unprotected communication channels.

Data Room encryption, depending on the structure of the keys used for encryption, are divided into:

  • Symmetric encryption: a third party may know the encryption algorithm, but a small part of the secret information is unknown – the key that is the same for the sender and recipient of the message.
  • Asymmetric encryption: A third party may know the encryption algorithm, and possibly the public key, but the private key, known only to the recipient of the message, is unknown.

Encryption can be called a method of processing data into a format in which, in theory, they cannot be read only by the recipient of the message to whom they were intended.